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Learn how to promote any type of business, product or service online. Everything is explained step by step, starting from scratch! (Only things that actually work)


You can connect from your laptop, smartphone or tablet from any part of the world and stay in touch with our community.


It doesn't matter if you never had any success online, in Marketing Genius you will learn ONLY strategies and techniques that actually work and will get you results... FAST.

Real results, NO joking

We only teach techniques and strategies that are proven to work, and gave us great results

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You will learn how to promote any business on Facebook, Google, Youtube and many other platforms just in a few clicks

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You will get access to our private Facebook group plus a members area with dedicated chat and great support!

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Meet Matteo Pittaluga and Fabio Gallerani

The Founders

Matteo Pittaluga and Fabio Gallerani are the creators and founders of Marketing Genius. Great supporters of the digital world and tired of traditional education and “normal jobs”, Matteo and Fabio started out as networkers for some of the biggest network marketing companies in the industry and built a successful career online which led them to be the top affiliates and top producers in multiple affiliate offers and network marketing opportunities. Now they decided to share their knowledge, systems and strategies here on Marketing Genius which is not meant to be just another internet marketing course but a strong movement of online entrepreneurs from all Europe!

Matteo Pittaluga

Matteo Pittaluga is today considered the number one coach on web traffic in Italy. University lecturer on the subject, helping companies and professionals to find the digital marketing strategy suitable for their project.

Fabio Gallerani

Fabio Gallerani is known to be the only Italian coach to combine STRATEGIC POSITIONING with practical effective sales strategies. Its mission is to help companies and professionals to position themselves as authorities in their sector and increase their turnover.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is Marketing Genius?

Marketing Genius is both an internet marketing course and a great community at the same time! Here you will learn how to promote any product or service online and generate more leads and sales for your business. Plus, you will join our community and work together with other entrepreneurs just like you!

How long can I be part of it?

It’s FOREVER! Once you GO ALL IN you will have access to all our videos and our service with no time limit!

How does it work?

First of all you can SIGN UP FOR FREE and get access to our private area, then just GO ALL IN and buy our main course which will take you to the next level!

When will I get the first results?

Well, obviously we cannot make any promise but we believe that if you are willing to learn, practice and work hard enough you can have the first results in a matter of a few weeks by applying our method.

Can I use it for any business?

Yes, absolutely! Any business in the world needs more leads and sales, so for example you can apply these strategies to your local store to attract more people online, or to generare leads for a network marketing business, more visitors to your website if you have an e-commerce and so on!

Do you host live events?

Yes we do! Our community is growing fast and soon we will have live events everyone in Europe, please follow our facebook groups to stay always up to date and keep an eye on the dashboard… Our live events are incredible and we can’t wait to see you there!

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